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Mark, John, Kristin and Ron at Magnificat circa 2004

Mark, Andrea, Ron at St. Frances de Chantel with Meg leading praise.. March 2008


The Core Band

 ITW at Cenacle

Mark Albertini
(Far left)
Guitar / Vocals

Began in music ministry as a teenager in the Lutheran Church.  At the origin of contemporary church music in the early 1970's, he began by singing in a youth liturgy and moved on to participate in concerts and tours with the Pinecrest Folk Choir. 
As an adult, Mark returned to ministry in the early 1990's after his conversion to Catholicism.  "I found the church sorely lacking in musical participation.  That was totally foreign to me having been raised in a musical church...  My mission was clear..!"

Playing and singing at Family Liturgy at St. Barnabas for more than 15 years, he occasionally played for the Charismatic Prayer Meetings finally becoming a regular and then leader of that ministry.  

Organizing the group into IN THE WAY was a way of gaining exposure and recognition in order to pick up more work.  It was also an outgrowth of our work with teens.  They like to belong to groups.  Groups with names, groups with logos, tee shirts, and such.  This web-site also grew out of the work with teens, providing a means of continuous communication and another way to display their belonging to the group.

"We are always looking for new venues and opportunities to worship our Lord with new communities.  Every opportunity to Praise the Lord is a blessing..."

Mark is married and has three daughters.  Kristin (middle of the three) sings with In The Way when she can get away from her music studies at Molloy College.   Mark's wife, Meg is the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Frances De Chantal in Wantagh.   

John Finelli
(Second from right)
Guitar / Vocals/ Bass / more...

John sings vocals as well as plays the guitar and bass.  He joined the
St. Barnabas Music Ministry (Family Liturgy Group) in October 1998 after he retired from teaching.  He was an assistant principal at John Bowne HS in Queens, New York.  He joined the Charismatic Prayer Group as a guitar player in the Spring of 1999.

He received his BS and Masters' degrees in Music Education from Hunter College, New York (1968 and 1972 respectively).  He went to Fordham University, NYC, for his postmasters certificate in School Administration and graduated in 1976.

He taught music at the elementary school level from 1968 through 1972 at P.S. 90/200, Manhattan.  In 1972 he took the position of Band Director at E.R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn.  In 1987 he became A.P. Music at Lafayette HS Brooklyn and in 1994 he transferred to John Bowne HS Queens where he ultimately completed his career as Building Assistant Principal, when he retired in 1998.

He has played in many musical groups as a guitarist and trumpet player from as early as 1956.  In 1962 his group served as "House Band" at the Riviera and GoGo Lounges in Yonkers and Westchester County.  There they backed up many well-known recording artists as they came through the performance circuit.  They also worked as back-up recording musicians for MGM records where they recorded with various performing groups.

John decided to leave the professional music circuit in 1964 to pursue a college degree and a career in teaching.  However, he never actually left playing music.  He has played continuously throughout his career both for fun
and with his students.

Since he retired in 1998, he not only joined the Music Ministry at St. Barnabas, but he has tried his hand at writing music.  The liturgical songs he pens are so reminiscent of his earlier career music that he is very enthused about it.  He finds it not only "interesting "but" very exciting to write and perform the style of music I enjoy and still serve God in such a wonderful manner."  Currently he is collaborating with In the Way to write a C.D.  We have about 6 songs already recorded

John is currently married and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. The 3 children are married and live on Long Island.  His wife, Cathy, is an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, teaches Confirmation class, is on the Family Liturgy Committee and a member of the Rosary Society and the St. Barnabas Prayer Group.

           Andrea Waldron
                          (Far right)

I had never thought of joining a music ministry, and never considered myself a singer. But God works in mysterious ways. When we are open to serving him, we never know where he will lead us to next!  Living a “life in the Spirit” is never boring!  I have always loved to sing and praise the Lord, beginning with the St. Brigid’s prayer group in the early 1990’s, where I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. The St. Brigid’s Jesus Evenings began and the music of Tommy Thorell ministered to me deeply, so I am very aware of the power that music has to touch and heal hearts.

    At a Magnificat conference in New Orleans in 1999, I was prayed over and I was given a word about music. It took me by surprise, I thought it must be a mistake, this person didn’t know me. Later in the conference, our Magnificat Team was prayed over by Patti Mansfield, an internationally known speaker in the Charismatic Renewal, who gave each of us a word of knowledge. When she prayed over me, she said, “Are you in the music ministry?”  Cathy Federici was one of the women on the Team.  It was the second time that weekend that I’d received a word about music.  I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew that someday, God would make it clear. 

It was several years later that Cathy told me that her husband Ron, a music teacher, heard me singing at Mass, and thought I had a good voice. I didn’t think anything of it, I certainly wasn’t thinking of music as a ministry. Then, in 2005, at another Magnificat conference, Cathy reminded me of the word I had received, and what Ron had said. A light bulb went on, could this be what the Lord was saying? 

Through the encouragement of Cathy and Ron, and my desire to say yes to the Lord and his Blessed Mother, I began to sing with the band at our Magnificat prayer meetings at the Cure of Ars in Merrick in the fall of 2005. Always a fan of “In the Way”, it is a great joy to praise the Lord and to minister with them through song. 

I am the Director of the Our Lady of Peace Lay Carmelite Community in Lynbrook .  I continue to be involved in Magnificat, and I serve as a Lector at Our Lady of Hope in Carle Place.

Ron Federici
Flute / Guitar / Keyboard / more....

“I really want to play with them!”.  That’s what my 9 year old son said to me 6 years ago as we sat together in the congregation at St. Barnabas Church in Bellmore.  The music ministry was singing  “Day By Day”.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, he was really expressing my own desire.  I had thought from time to time of joining a music ministry, but I still hadn’t said “Yes” to God’s call.  As with so many others, I had been away from the church for years, but God apparently would not take ‘no’ for an answer.

I began drum lessons in 11th grade and pursued music studies in college.  While majoring in music at Nassau Community College, I studied 2 years with the principle percussionist of the New York City Ballet, Ronald Gould.  I moved on to study at SUNY-Fredonia, received my Bachelors of Music Education degree from Hofstra University, and finally completed my Masters of Music Education degree from Queens College.  For the past 26 years I have been teaching band in the Freeport Public School system and have been enjoying nearly every minute of it.   

Although I was raised a Catholic, attended religious education, and was married before God in the Catholic Church in 1981, it wasn’t until my children were born that I even began to take my relationship with God seriously.  Providentially , He put people in my path to awaken me, foremost being my wife, Catherine.  As my marriage blossomed and my children grew, so too did my discovery of God’s presence in my life.  I still, however, had not developed a deeply prayerful relationship with Him, but Our Lord  is so patient and persistent.

So after Mass that Sunday during Lent in 1999, I agreed to bring my son to choir practice the following Tuesday evening.  Before I knew it, I was participating alongside him.  I had said, “Yes!” to God.   I soon realized I could sing to and praise God more meaningfully with the flute and have continued to do so today.  While participating in the music ministry, I began to attend weekly prayer meetings.  Two years later a ‘Life in the Spirit’ seminar was offered.  I again said, “Yes!”.  God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, had bonded my musical life with my prayer life. 

Continuing to play and pray in numerous Masses, healing services, and prayerful events has allowed God to provide me with great joy and spiritual development.   Praying to the Lord and praising Him through music has become a major driving force of my life.  He continues to put so many wonderfully spiritual people in my path.  Thanks be to God!

Our Associates
(Join with us when time and schedules permit)


Peter Keenan
Keyboard / Guitar / Vocals

Peter plays keyboard, guitar and provides harmonic vocals.  We have played together for many years at Family Liturgy and Peter is always welcome to join us when his schedule permits.

.Kristin Albertini

Kristin has participated in music since before she could read, memorizing songs and singing with the Family Liturgy Music Ministry with her father and sisters.

She is a graduate of Holy Trinity Diocesan High School where she was a Musical Theater major.  She participated in a number of shows during her high school years including the "Laramie Project" and "JB".

Kristin was a Music Therapy major at Molloy College.  She was an officer of the Performing Arts Club and participated in a number of other musical activities on campus.

Music and theater are Kristin's first loves.  Building a career in this field was a natural course for her.




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