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Healing Mass at Cure of Ars
Friday, January 12, at 7:30pm

Fr. Charles Mangano, Celebrant

Wow, what a night...!  Just Awsome...

The church was packed.  We set a meditative mood with a couple of preludes and Fr. Charles started with a disposition to prayer followed by a beautiful prayer of healing.  We continued the meditative disposition with the song "Open my eyes Lord".  The mass followed and was so reverent and filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit with Fr. Charles and Fr. Augustine co-celebrating.   

After Fr. Charles' homily, as is his custom, he followed with a prayer and a song.  His choice was "A Bridge over Troubled Water" which was moving to tears...!  I have never heard anyone do justice to that song, but Father did Art Garfunkle one better.  Wow!

Prayer teams lined the front of the church as we sang the closing song:  "Holy Ground".  Everyone who wanted prayer was afforded the opportunity to have hands layed on them and personal prayer from the teams.  All the while we kept a continuous offering of meditational songs including "Lay Your Hands", "Exodus XV", "Breathe on me Holy One", "Breathe", and our own original Christmas song: "Wondrous Love" and many more.   The prayer teams continued until 10:30 when all were serviced who wanted prayer.

As we were packing our gear, Fr. Charles invited us back to play for another healing mass being planned for March 18...  We are so there....   

Thank you Fr. Charles again, for the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring night of prayer in the Spirit...  Praise God..!

Thank You also to Andrea and Peter for joining us for the night, your contributions on vocals and keyboard added so much...

Magnificat Dinner
Tuesday February 27, at 6:30pm

Knights of Columbus Hall
2985 Kenneth Place
Oceanside, NY 11572

Join with Magnificat Ministry for Women at a dinner where they share the same joinful spirit of gratitude and praise that Mary and Elizabeth shared, woman to woman.  

After the meal there will be a time of Praise and Worship with IN THE WAY leading song, and an opportunity to hear a guest speaker share on her experience of transforming love of Christ in her life.  There will also be a time for prayer for the needs of all present.

For more information call Janet Cino @ 516-794-9659


Youth Worship Workshop at 
St. Brigid's Parish of Westbury

Newly ongoing 


In the way is working with the youth at St. Brigid's parish in Westbury, in building a music ministry for teen mass.  The Youth Minister (Vince Buzzeo) along with the Music Director (Susan Porteus) have invited us to lead their teens into a fuller worship experience by leading the parish in song during the 5pm Saturday Mass (1st Saturday of the month).  

The group of teens that have joined with us are fabulous.  There are at least 10 teens so far participating in the ministry.  Five vocalists along with five instruments (keyboard, drums, violins (now 2!), trumpet and clarinet so far) are all enthusiastically working to build a repertoire of music to use in mass.  

Our first mass was celebrated on July 17 and we have played at the Sunday 6pm mass each week  through the remainder of the Summer.   Since the Summer, we have been playing a various masses and events at the parish.  Beginning in 2007, we plan to have a steady monthly engagement with the teens to provide music at mass.

Our many thanks go out to Vince and Susan for their support and encouragement as well as to Fr Ralph Somner for the invitation to serve his parish.   We are having so much fun, and look forward to a very full year of worship with the teens and the congregation of St. Brigid's.

Checkout the Youth Worship Workshop pages...


Witness to the Youth of 
Cure' of Ars

June 11, 2006


In The Way presented a night of song and sharing to the Youth Ministry of the Parish of the Cure' of Ars.  We shared our music and our experiences in music ministry with the teens (about a dozen) who sang with us a series of songs that followed the sharing themes of the night.  

We shared on being Charismatic Catholics and how playing for Charismatic events is so powerful an experience for us.  How the Holy Spirit fills, carries and guides us through our ministry leading song and praise.   

The teens shared with us their experience at the Eucharistic Congress Youth session held the day before at Holy Trinity High School.  How good the music was, and teachings inspired them were among their comments.   John and I shared on our experience with Youth Fest (2004) and how inspiring it was to see over a thousand teens praising God with their hands in the air.   Awesome..!

We also tried to bring in the themes of Loving with repeated reference to the song title "Love is a verb" (from D.C. Talk) as we spoke of the needs within the community and how Loving through the power of the Holy Spirit motivates us to action (Love is a verb).   That lead to how we see music ministry and how we use our songs, our voices and our instruments to actively work for the Lord.

We thank Danielle LaRose and Fr. Charles for inviting us for the evening.  We hope to be able to work together again soon...

Carmelite 10th Anniversary Mass
(third order of Lynbrook)

July 17, 2006

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Pray for Us...

In The Way was invited to provide music for the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the 10th anniversary of the founding of Our Lady of Peace Lay Carmelite Community, a community of the Third Order Carmelites of the North American Province of St. Elias.  A mass will be held at  Our Lady of Peace parish in Lynbrook in commemoration of the feast and the anniversary.

Thank you Andrea for the invitation

Pentecost Vigil at St. Barnabas
with Fr. Anthony Ozele

June 3 2006

Fr. Tony spent the Saturday evening prior to Pentecost Sunday  with us to bring in this holy day when our church was born.  To charismatic Catholics, the feast of Pentecost is so special and we were so happy to be able to celebrate this evening with Fr. Tony.  (FYI:  Fr. Tony recently recieved his Doctorate degree in Philosophy from Fordam University... Congratulations..!)

The night was a healing mass with an alter call for anyone who was not yet baptized in the Holy Spirit to come and be prayed over for an indwelling.  Perhaps 30-50 people responded to the alter call.

All in all there were a good 400-450 people in the Holy Family Chapel of St. Barnabas for this event which lasted more than 4 1/2 hours from 8pm to well past mid-night. (were we ever tired... but it went by in what seemed like an instant)It was a  Spirit filled night of praise, worship, song and prayer culminated in the mass celebrated by Fr. Tony.  


BLD Prayer Meeting                  
May 26, 2006

Bukas Loob sa Divos

We had the privilege of joining with the BLD Philippino community at St. Killians (Farmingdale) for their weekly gathering.  We were invited to come and participate in their worship and praise when they visited the Renewal Center a few months ago.

What a wonderful welcoming community!  John, Ron and I mixed right into their music ministry and had a wonderful time.  We rehearsed on Thursday and found that every piece of music that we were to play the following night was new to us!  Wow, what a cram, but we got it.

The night started with a prayer session off in the back room with the entire Praise Ministry.  Prayer, song and an anointing prepared us for the night of worship and song.  It was a mini-prayer-meeting within a prayer meeting and left us soaring with praise.

The evening was filled with praise, song, teaching and The Word proclaimed.  The music "rocked" and all were engaged and touched.  

BLD meets every Friday night at St. Killian's.  They have separate events for children, teens, young adult singles and the adult prayer meeting.  They are all going on simultaneously and join together for fellowship afterwards.

We at In The Way want to Thank BLD for their invitation (extended again for future events), their hospitality and their community.  Building the broader community of Charismatics on Long Island is important to us, and we cherish such opportunities to join with our Friends in praise.

Pray for community in Christ,

Magnificat Prayer Meetings at Cure' of Ars
The second and fourth TUESDAY of each month  at  8pm

Father Charles Mangano has been gracious in his hospitality to the women of Magnificat.  He is making the chapel behind the main alter available on a regular basis for them (and US) to worship and praise twice each month.  

These prayer meetings follow a holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration that is held (every) Tuesday in the main church from 7-8pm.    We started having these sessions in April (2005) and each has been alive with the Holy Spirit.  

Come join us in praise, worship, prophecy, sharings, and more... The meetings are open to all (even us men) from any parish and are sponsored by Magnificat -Ministry for Women.


January (2006) Healing Mass at Cure' of Ars:

We were invited back to Cure' of Ars by Fr. Charles to play at his second healing mass since becoming pastor.  Fr. Chrarles lead a beautiful prayer of healing and shared an inspirational song (He's always incredible!) during the mass.  

The church was full of worshipers and prayer teams prayed over the congregation until nearly 11:00 as we played meditational pieces in the background.  Celebrating with Fr. Charles is such a treat for us, and we hope that we can work together more in the future.

From last year after the January (2005) Healing Mass at Cure' of Ars:

We were invited to provide music ministry for a first (in a long time) healing mass held at Cure'of Ars in Merrick.  Fr Charles Mangano was the celebrant and is the new pastor of the parish.

Being a fan of his music for a long time, it was a thrill for me to work with Fr Charles in ministry.  He sang a number of songs including "You are Mine" (a favorite of mine) with his sister Lori. 

The mass included a clear charismatic dimension including praying in tongues, singing praise, and raising hands in prayer.  There was a beautiful prayer experience for healing that was done to background music.  Fr Charles was wonderful in explaining what was happening to anyone unfamiliar with charismatic worship.  

It was a long night with a large crowd gathered for prayer and the laying on of hands.  We played background music throughout the pray-over period, ending only when Fr Charles invited us to be prayed over by him.

I am sure that there was many a healing that the Lord brought forth as so many were gathered in faith and hope.

Peace be with you,


God Bless You...
Please Pray for us...

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