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In The Way Music Ministry 

Bringing Contemporary Music of Worship and Praise 
to the
  Christian Community of Long Island and beyond...

All of the adult members of In The Way Music Ministry are Virtus Trained and Certified in Protecting God's Children.


Dear Lord, Open our hearts to the presence of your Holy Spirit in our lives
and grant us the Grace to desire it...

Special Features:

  Fr. Rene Tapel: Listen to a talk on the Theology of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit... (click here)


Fr Victor Darlington:  Listen to a talk on Witnessing and Decipleship (click here)

FR. John Paul:
Listen to a talk on Spiritual Growth through Prayer (click here)


Fr. Stanganelli: Listen to a talk on The Theology of the Body (click here

  Fr. Charles Mangano   Witness on Medjugorje and how it changed his life. (click here)


Who We Are

In The Way grew out of the Charismatic Community of St. Barnabas Parish in Bellmore, New York where we provide music support to the weekly prayer meetings.   Over time we have branched out to serve other communities and play in other venues.

While the core members of the band are a constant, various venues add more members and bigger sounds.  More information about the members of the group is available on our Band Biographies page.

Information regarding our current schedule (see right column) and the venues where we play is available on our  Venues and Schedule page or see below for special events.  Our Band News page also provides information about upcoming events and reviews of past events that has had In The Way participation.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, our prayer requests page and our guest register page had to be taken off-line because the Devil lives out there on the web and sought to bring the site down by filling these requests with spam...  We are always available to be contacted via email at:





God Bless You...
Please Pray for us...


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